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Smart Clouding Solutions

Iambox Telecomm NV is a company that develops software and hardware engineering and Telecommunication products, that uses the Internet cloud as part of all its products, in order to work. There for all our products are very easy to install and very affordable as well.

The application that our state of the art developments can handle, range from automation and control to managing a direct and/or third parties sales force or service departments in order to audit process and deliverables such as SLA, this can be accomplished by our ERP development.
For example, our devices (hardware) can be used in the monitoring of refrigerated systems in real time, all from your cellular phone via SMS text messaging or by our Web service.

We have costumers in several countries but at the present time our customer base is mainly in Venezuela, Curacao, Colombia, Costa Rica, using these technologies to help their business grow, and to prevent potential losses as well.

Latest Project

Early dry out fuel control level

Iambox designed level control system for tanks at gas stations, the alarm system is configurable to notify variables that are out of the ranges allowing inform to the logistics and distribution systems, fuel saving maintenance costs in the pumping system stationsr.

Our Mission

To establish, develop and deliver value added management and technical consultancy to organizations involved in mobile and fixed satellite communications networks, wireless networks and other land based telecom networks, addressing all aspects of the system development and deployment lifecycle.

We specialize in working with international clients interested in entering and developing markets in the Caribbean and Central America.

  • System available for customization and or Project Specific to the client
  • Providing innovative customer value.
  • Improve productivity.
  • Reduce costs in the supply chain.
  • Logistic Management estrategic web.
  • Cold Chain Management
  • Mobile Management
  • Historical data & performance indicators
  • Logistic control process